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First of all... WELCOME!!!

We have all been there.  Visiting a Church can be very difficult.  We get it.  So, relax, it is not like that at Harvest.
We are a Christian Church.  We truly believe in community.  Nobody wants your money or your blood.  Nobody cares that you do not have a suit and tie or fancy dress.  If you like to come dressed up when you come to Church, some do, then by all means get dressed up, if not, no problem.  The only thing we care is that you want to come and worship the Lord with us and grow.

We are just like you.  We have jobs, family, and hobbies, even the Pastors.  We have good days and bad days.  We know how stressful it can be out there and Church should be a place where you can come and relax and thank God for His love for us.  

What you will experience:

1)  A time of worship.  We begin our service with worship and praise.  Whether you stand up or sit down or kneel down, we just ask that you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and let us worship God together.

2)  We will have a time for people to be prayed for.  If you have a burden or something you want prayer for you can come up and ask for private prayer.

3)  We will then have a time when everyone greets one another.  Kind of saying, "Hey good to see ya."  

4)  Then we will have announcements.   We love to keep everyone up to date.
5)  Then we will have communion.  This is reserved only for Baptized Christians.  So, if you have been baptized you can join.  If not, we would love to help you through this most important process.  

6)  Then we will have the sermon.  The sermons are very relevant and absolutely biblical.  Chapter by chapter and verse by verse teaching that is both relevant and won't put you to sleep.

7)  Then there is dismissal.  The whole service starts at 10:30 am and ends by 12:15.  

So. there you have it.  It's like you have been there already!

We hope to see you soon!   Have any other questions let us know!

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

10: 30 AM
Worship, Prayer, Communion
and the Word of God! 

Other Services

Wednesday Night
Free Dinner Starts 6:30 pm
Bible Study Starts by 7:10 PM

7:30 PM
Youtube, Facebook, and Rumble 

How To Contact Us

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